Hi there, I am Freddie B

and here is my story…

From the earliest memories I can recall, I possessed a remarkable ability to perceive and comprehend people without the need for words. Today, I embrace this profound connection at a much deeper level. I have learned to see beyond the superficial and recognize the very essence of one’s soul.
Throughout my personal journey of self-discovery and development, I have come to understand that each individual follows a unique path in life. I have shed any inclination towards judgment and wholeheartedly embrace a sincere desire to truly understand others. Every new day presents an opportunity for me to expand my knowledge and evolve into the best version of myself. As my mentor wisely advised, “Reveal more of who you are.” So, fasten your seatbelts and enjoy the adventure, everyone!
I am an enthusiastic entrepreneur who is constantly driven to learn and grow. Meditation has become an integral part of my daily life, enabling me to perceive what lies beyond the surface. I possess a deep affection for helping others thrive and providing guidance to individuals facing challenges. I offer prayers and healing energy with wholehearted love and compassion. Witnessing my clients achieve their goals fills me with immense joy. Laughter is my remedy, and I cherish the beauty of authentic and genuine relationships.
Apart from being a mother to twin daughters, a Glam-Ma, and an entrepreneur, I proudly identify as an empath, a YaYa, a warrior, and a Queen. I embrace my nerdy side and honor my Jamaican heritage. My drive for personal growth fuels my ambition as I persistently strive to become the best version of myself. Above all, I recognize that I am a divine child of God—a living embodiment of Divine Intelligence, Love, and Power.
Gratitude fills my heart for the multitude of gifts I have been blessed with, as well as the ability to privately assist numerous individuals. Now, the time has come for me to expand my reach and extend help to even more people.
If you are ready to take complete responsibility for your life, I am here to serve as your guide, helping you navigate any obstacles or stagnation you may encounter along your empowered path. Together, we will embark on a transformative journey of empowerment and growth.

Find Inner Peace: Rejuvenate Your Mind, Reduce Stress, and Focus with Transformative Meditation Sessions

Meditation has profoundly transformed my life, and I can attest to its life-changing benefits. Over a decade ago, I grappled with anxiety, disconnection, and overwhelm. However, as I incorporated regular meditation into my routine, a newfound sense of inner peace and clarity emerged. I became more present, centered, and connected to what truly mattered. Through meditation, I developed self-awareness, empowering me to shift limiting thoughts and behaviors. It fostered empathy and compassion, enhancing relationships and fulfillment. If you seek greater inner peace and harmony, I wholeheartedly recommend exploring meditation. It has been a game-changer for me, and I believe it can be for you too.

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